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Break it down. Build it up. Begin again. Repeat.


Break it Down. Build it up. Begin Again. Repeat.

Why a Life Consultant/Coach Vs Therapy

Working with a life coach/consultant vs participating in a formal counseling/therapy process has many benefits to the everyday client. There are several distinctions between the two. If you need help due to diagnosed mental health, we recommend seeking professional help that is intended to provide the support necessary to address those waters. If you're unsure which to pursue, contact us to set up a free consultation.

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How Does This Work

Life Coaching/Consulting can be facilitated in many forms. We recognize time is crucial in the life of our client's so we provide several ways to engage our clients in services.

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Primary Consulting/Coaching Service

With a collection of several different services, the cost of life investment can vary. Here are the basic fees attached to traditional coaching/consulting services.

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Contemporary Consulting/Coaching Services

In the age of technology and time competing for attention in life, Clover Life Consulting Group realizes that it can be difficult to carve out 60-90 minutes in a schedule to sit down and talk. In light of that, we have created our technology based services to provide robust services to those of you who feel more comfortable communicating through one of several technological based mechanisms.

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Individual Consulting

Honest, fact driven approach to evaluating the systems that govern your thinking & doing so you can bring personal leadership back to your life and live on your terms.

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Career Consulting

The CLCG process evaluates your strengths, weaknesses, the obstacles & threats that keep you boxed in and away from living your passion as a profession or vocation.

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Leadership Development

Authenticity, Transparency, Accountability & Service. Four basic qualities to build sound leadership upon. CLCG Leadership Development emphasizes complete ownership of the role through intensive evaluation of strengths, weakness, opportunities & threats to your role.

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Team Development

CLCG's approach to team building consists of an in depth evaluation of your team and your leadership so identified outcomes can be hit.

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Speaking Engagements

With over 20 years experience in human services, CLCG founder James Kelleher has collected a wealth of knowledge that is useful to companies & groups in their pursuit to improve their service, work place culture and production.

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BBBR-the CLCGway

Break It Down

The first step in overcoming any sort of barriers to success, happiness or progress is to figure out what's getting in the way. At Clover Life Consulting Group, we being by teaching clients the basics of addressing barriers. The first step is the "Break It Down" process.

Build It Up

It's not enough to just understand the origin of the problems we face. At Clover Life Consulting Group, we believe in teaching sustained, replicating process that eliminates the possibility of problems reoccurring. The Build It Up phase equips clients with the tools and processes to create a long term, actionable response to the circular thinking that has permitted past cycles of limitation to be pervasive and intrusive.

Begin Again

We will not live a trouble free life. The difference between success and stagnation is the will to begin a process again. Through the Begin Again phase of consulting, clients will create a personalized process to address the times when the prospect of starting over seems to be fruitless and overwhelming.


The totality of the consulting process is designed to be a functional tool with quick recall for use when clients face new issues and barriers to goals in the future creating sustained returns on the time and cost the client invested in evolving their mind, resources, energy and drive to life the fullest, most powerful life they desire.


After nearly two decades working in the mental health, foster care, juvenile corrections, homeless care and education systems, CLCG founder James Kelleher got tired of the red tape required to genuinely help people.  In fact, he firmly felt that the red tape involved in helping people was as much a problem as the problems people experienced initially!

Out of absolute frustration with the"red tape" that accompanies helping people and forces people to be stuck in various stations of life, James created Clover Life Consulting Group to create a process of life management that is a simple, systemic approach that's applicable to every person's life, in every role they play.

Whether you trying to reinvent your self, figure out which career path to engage, lead a team in the business world or develop the team you already lead, this process is tried and true and easily adapted to fit any challenge.

After nearly 20 plus years of training's, education and experience, the CLCG approach to life & work management was created to provide men a platform to evaluate where they are and create a solid plan to move forward into the best version of themselves possible, freeing themselves from the chains of the mundane 9-5 life and ignite adventure and passion for living.

Ready to redesign your life? Connect with CLCG. Break it Down. Build it Up. Begin Again. Repeat.

Book your free consultation today!

Let CLCG help you or your business maximize outcomes by challenging you to intelligently invest your passions.


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Gerry G:Former Client

I could not think of a better person than James to help you whether personally or professionally, get your life on a track toward success.on.

Gerry G

Missy H:Former Client

If you need someone to weather your inner mind's category 5 hurricane, James will be your shelter. If you have an inner battle that is kicking your butt, James will stand with you shoulder to shoulder on your battlefield. If you want an partner to dig in deeper with your own faith, of simply asks questions, James will open his arms wide. You will never come out of a conversation, no matter how deep, no matter what truths you discover, and feel worse... Never! I have found that our conversations to be nourishing, enlightening, helpful, and challenging (a good, personal kind of challenge). Our discussion have ranged from: Bad life choices (of myself, my husband and our children), how to be a better person (And better spouse), how to communicate effectively, (my personal favorite) how to step out of your shell/comfort zone and interact with society. Life is hard and down right cruel sometimes. It scars us. But it does not have to cripple us. James is a person with an incredible ability to get inside your head and your heart and allow you to work it out, to begin to heal, without leaving you feel like your insides were just scraped off with sandpaper, with out leaving you feel raw. Just the opposite. You always leave feeling better, ready to dig in, knowing you have a friend to weather a storm with!

Missy H

Hillary S:Former Client

James is an amazing counselor and has a way of seeing right through issues to the core.

Hillary S

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Legal Disclaimer

Legal Disclaimer
Clover Life Consulting Group Legal Disclaimer Notice

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